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Page What is Psycho-Social Oncology?
Page Psychosocial Impact of a Gynecological Cancer
Page Emotional Responses
How do I tell my Family / Children Page What Child Grief Feels Like?

Feeling Helpless

Feeling Responsible

Feeling Vulnerable

Feeling Different

Feeling Emotional, chaotic and Crazy

Page Talking to children about Cancer

The Benefits of Talking to Children

How to Talk to you Child/Children about a Cancer Diagnosis

Recommended Reading:

What Children Really Want to Know

Page Talking to Children about Death and Dying
Resources URL Irish Cancer Society

URL Cancer Council Victoria
URL National Cancer Institute
URL Global Resources for Advancing Cancer Education
URL Macmillan Cancer Support
URL Canadian Cancer Society
URL American Cancer Society
URL I Had Cancer
URL The 15 Best Cancer Blogs of 2016
Page Support and advocay groups
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