What Child Grief Feels Like?

What Child Grief Feels Like?


Feeling Helpless

·      Not knowing how to be with the dying person

·      Unsure how to help the family

·      Worrying about the situation all the time

·      Unsure of their emotional responses

·      Generalizing helplessness “I am no good at that”


Feeling Responsible

·      Should I have been a better son/daughter?

·      Did I wish this?

·      Am I being punished?

·      I will take care of this and make it better.

·      Did they catch this from me?



Feeling Vulnerable

·      Who will take care of me/us?

·      What if you die too?

·      Will I die?

·      The world is a scary and dangerous place.

·      I feel lonely and no one understands what I feel like.

·      Nothing is the same.


Feeling Different

·      I feel I have two lives; home and school.

·      I am the only person that I know that this is happening to.

·      Everyone is treating me differently

·      What does this new norm mean for our family?

·      How do other see our family now?


Feeling Emotional, chaotic and Crazy

·      Overwhelming feelings in a world that wants happiness and control

·      Struggling with relationships and communication

·      Unable to express emotional responses to the death or impending death.

·      Fear of dying

·      Feelings of disconnect from themselves.

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